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Welcome to Electronic Tax Systems

Electronic Tax Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of Content Management-based software for the tax industry. Electronic Tax Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of Content Management-based software for the tax industry.

We are committed to creating solutions that fit your business model and processes, while being robust and scalable to change as your business needs change. Our solutions provide our customers with the tools they need to properly manage their tax rating processes and exemption information through all phases of the customer and vendor relationship. Our product features include tax rating, reporting, exemption rules management, tax document and record management, and many other features and capabilities to ease the burden of the corporate tax department.

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News and Events

Electronic Tax Systems unveils its Tax Rating Service for Telecommunications.

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Exemption Management Suite (EMS) – Electronic Tax Systems (ETSI) introduces two major enhancements to its flagship EMS software.

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What We Offer Our Clients

Exemption Management Suite

EMS™ provides companies with the tools necessary to ensure proper handling of the complex tax exemption rules. A robust interface for customer data allows your team to track the information necessary for exemptions in a single location.

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TaxWizard™ has web interfaces that give other departments the information they need. They select a location, one of their products and the cost, and they have the tax details at their fingertips with detailed descriptions.

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TaxGen interfaces with your existing billing application to return the proper taxation for invoicing. The results are written to a detailed Transaction Log Table for reporting and compliance purposes.

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Tax Rating

Electronic Tax Systems utilizes industry leading tax calculation software. We also offer user-friendly transaction file importing as well as determining proper taxing jurisdiction and product taxability .

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System Integration

We evaluate current system taxing methodologies and installs third party tax calculation software. We also integrate third party tax software into your billing and/or customer care applications.

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